In 1990 Rev. Daniel Castro together with his wife and Group Mission of the Christian Medical and Dental Society (GMM) with the sponsorship of Mr. William Hunter decided to move from the Dominican Republic to Honduras a factory for mass production of lenses for distribution in Central America, with this idea they bought some plots of land to build the factory, during the following years they worked to give rise to this project.

William Hunter, takes a sabbatical year from GMM but during this time he contacts Rev. Daniel Castro, in order to integrate in the medical brigades that he was coordinating an ophthalmologist doctor with a desire to provide medical and academic services. This is how Dr. Douglas Perry arrives in Honduras to the city of La Esperanza, Intibucá.

At this time GMM also informed them that it would not be possible to move the factory as planned. Dr. Perry let William Hunter know that Honduras is a country that needs a lot of help, and that he can provide his services in this country. 

The now Medical Ministry International and the Presbyterian Church help to build this eye clinic where Dr. Perry would provide his services on land that had already been purchased but was transferred to the name of what is now Centro Cristiano de Servicios Humanitarios de Honduras.

In 1997, the Centro Cristiano de Servicios Humanitarios de Honduras was founded in the city of El Progreso, Yoro.

Maxine Perry, Co-founder
Maxine Perry, Co-founder