She is a 14 year old girl who lives in the village of Monterrey, Victoria, Yoro to the north of the city of El Progreso. In order for Sulmi to come to our clinic she had to walk an hour from her home to the village of Cangrejales and then travel by bus for another hour to get to the clinic. Sulmi is a fifth grade student, and as a pre-adolescent she was often teased by her friends at school, because of her condition she suffered from esotropia in her left eye, which is a deviation towards the inside of the eye, and not only her classmates teased her, even her younger sister did the same. It has been very difficult for Sulmi to go to school and to live at home where she was surrounded by teasing.

Sulmi had hope when she first visited us in September, Dr. Newman evaluated her and scheduled her for surgery.

At home everyone was very happy, her younger sister said to her mother, "Mummy, now Sulmi is going to be pretty".

It is nice for us to know that we are here to serve all the patients who visit us, just like Sulmi, who is no longer discriminated against by her colleagues or family.

This repositioning of his eye to the normal position, generates many changes in Sulmi's life, because it raises his self-esteem, helps his visual health, and helps him in his student performance.

SULMI VANESA tells us her story...

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