Alixon is a 12 year old boy who lives in Quebrada Seca de El Progreso, Yoro. Alixon received an unintentional blow from his brother while they were both playing, as a result of the blow the boy suffered pain in his eye, unfortunately due to the limited resources available to the family they were unable to take him to the doctor.

 Today, three years later, Alixon is unable to attend school due to the immense pain in his eye. Alixon arrived at our clinic to be diagnosed with secondary decemetocele due to an ocular trauma which led to an abnormal anatomy of his eyeball, as it was coming out of the eye cavity, for these reasons he underwent an evisceration or removal of his eye to eliminate the symptoms of pain.

Although his age is young Alixon understands that his eye had no solution and that the most advisable thing to do was to remove it so that he could return to school, perhaps if he had attended to his problem 3 years ago he would not have lost it but the lack of economic resources and the fact that his mother is bedridden and only depends on his aunt and grandparents made it difficult for Alixon, but today he is excited because his operation will allow him to return to school. Alixon will need a prosthetic eye after his eye socket is fully healed.

Alixon Flores tells his story